A downloadable game for Windows

 a quick game made for 7DRL 2018.

The world is in danger, four dragonveins has started to rise from the ground, it's only a matter of time before the dragons come, and then the world is surely doomed.

Gather the men you can from towns and castles, battle monsters in forests and mines to gain the loot and experience needed to get stronger, and when you feel ready, charge the dragonveins and kill the dragons before they gain their greater strength in the fire.

The game is played with only the mouse by clicking adjacent hex tiles. Press ESC at any time to quit. On the game over screen, just click the mouse to have another world generated. The game was written using the latest 2018.1.b10 build of Unity and compiled with IL2CPP for Windows.

Known Issues:
- The game runs only on Windows.
- The game crash on exit.


Dragonvein (Windows 64bit) 45 MB


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