A downloadable game for Windows

 a quick game made for 7DRL 2018.

The world is in danger, four dragonveins has started to rise from the ground, it's only a matter of time before the dragons come, and then the world is surely doomed.

Gather the men you can from towns and castles, battle monsters in forests and mines to gain the loot and experience needed to get stronger, and when you feel ready, charge the dragonveins and kill the dragons before they gain their greater strength in the fire.

The game is played with only the mouse by clicking adjacent hex tiles. Press ESC at any time to quit. On the game over screen, just click the mouse to have another world generated. The game was written using the latest 2018.1.b10 build of Unity and compiled with IL2CPP for Windows.

Known Issues:
- The game runs only on Windows.
- The game crash on exit.


Dragonvein (Windows 64bit) 45 MB


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quite hypnotic

Thank you!

I recorded my gameplay and put it up on Youtube. Sorry that it took me a bit to get on top of what was happening! Excellent effort overall.

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Wow, I am impressed with your persistence! Clearly there is not quite enough information given by the game.  I wanted to keep the information low, and let it kind of emerge from the game board, but there is clearly not enough. There are 3 levels of units. Villager upgrades to warrior or archer, warrior upgrades to berserker or knight and archer upgrades to mage. Then there is the special dragon knight that I am very happy to see that you discovered. But what the game does not tell you is when your group of guys can no longer upgrade, thus throwing them at goblins has no upside and you are wasting units. Goblins and Druids are semi predictable, because they will only have a chance to spawn on forest tiles, thus you can simply do your best to avoid forest tiles to avoid the possibility of an encounter. That is a good idea in the start of the game, since the more units you have, the more damage you deal as well. I have beat the game myself, so it is beatable, but it might require a decent seed and economic with when you take a chance against enemies. I am very impressed with how persistent you were in finding the mechanics, clearly that is not something one can expect from the average player, so the game needs better information. Thank you!


Thank you for your detailed response. That fills in a few of the gaps - and I'm keen on giving it another try. I'll let you know how I go.


I see you used Unity! I'd love it if you could push up a Mac build.

The recent b11 of Unity actually added MacOS support for IL2CPP, so I will try to compile and upload.

I've added your game to our Friday playlist. Feel free to come hangout with other developers in chat while we play your game. Click Follow to be notified when we go live at https://www.twitch.tv/tiger_j

Hi, sorry I missed it. Looking at the stream recording it looks like you didn't get to my game?


Nope, didn't get to it. I will play it on our next show after GDC though if you are available to come hang out it would be awesome! The show time/countdown is on my channel below the video (scroll down) It will be 5pm eastern time next Monday. follow on twitch for updates and notifications!

I'll do my best to attend the stream! Thank you!


I had to bump the show to Tuesday. I’ll be playing it then! You can follow me on Twitter for updates about the show https://Twitter.com/stalkjimmy 


added to the official list! looking forward to it!