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I wish I could play this game so bad yet I'm on a laptop with no numpad and I wish I could use standard vi-keys to move the character...

Any chance it will come in a future update?

A letsplay of the game:

Hi, I'm having a problem atm. I am in the first room at the beginning and I walk to the stairs but I can't go up them, what do I do

Page up

Thanks :)

Hello! How to contact you about it by email?


at gmail :-)

There is a problem with OSX version. When you select stat preset to distribute points, nothing happens. I tried to distribute 250 points by adding a 30 points to all attributes manually, but nothing happened at all. I had strength 38 for example. After downloading and starting Windows version I saw that most attributes are up to 18, sometimes 19...

few more notices: ESC kill the game which I would change, and you can play with empty name.

Great game btw.

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Thank you for your feedback! Turns out that implementing UI from scratch on a seven day deadline for a game is a really bad idea. Each race has a slight variance to their base stats. Humans have an even distribution of 8. The stat pool then holds the rule that you can only give a single stat type a +10, so Dwarves can get a maximum strength of 19, while an Elf can only get a strength of 17, where as the Elf has a higher dexterity, perception and intelligence. This would have been a lot more interesting if proper ranged combat and spells got implemented in time, of course.

The game should definitely bring up a question whether to quit the game rather than exit immediately. Specially since exiting sub-menues or cancelling the action to shoot conditions you to press the escape key.

Loving the art style :)

Thank you!