A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Created for the seven day roguelike challenge of 2017, Book of Rogue attempts to blend the tactical and challenging play of roguelikes, and the flavourful descriptions of multi-user dungeons.

Oryx helped with desiging the visual presentation, and the descriptions of locations have been losely based on the MUD 'Multi-Users in Middle Earth'.


7DRL version - Windows 64-bit 17 MB
7DRL version - Windows 32-bit 16 MB
7DRL version - Mac OS X 30 MB
7DRL version - Linux 31 MB


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I wish I could play this game so bad yet I'm on a laptop with no numpad and I wish I could use standard vi-keys to move the character...

Any chance it will come in a future update?

A letsplay of the game:

Hi, I'm having a problem atm. I am in the first room at the beginning and I walk to the stairs but I can't go up them, what do I do

Page up

Thanks :)

Hello! How to contact you about it by email?


at gmail :-)

There is a problem with OSX version. When you select stat preset to distribute points, nothing happens. I tried to distribute 250 points by adding a 30 points to all attributes manually, but nothing happened at all. I had strength 38 for example. After downloading and starting Windows version I saw that most attributes are up to 18, sometimes 19...

few more notices: ESC kill the game which I would change, and you can play with empty name.

Great game btw.

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Thank you for your feedback! Turns out that implementing UI from scratch on a seven day deadline for a game is a really bad idea. Each race has a slight variance to their base stats. Humans have an even distribution of 8. The stat pool then holds the rule that you can only give a single stat type a +10, so Dwarves can get a maximum strength of 19, while an Elf can only get a strength of 17, where as the Elf has a higher dexterity, perception and intelligence. This would have been a lot more interesting if proper ranged combat and spells got implemented in time, of course.

The game should definitely bring up a question whether to quit the game rather than exit immediately. Specially since exiting sub-menues or cancelling the action to shoot conditions you to press the escape key.

Loving the art style :)

Thank you!